The 2 States Of Consciousness You Flip Between All Day: Uptime Vs. Downtime In NLP — Perception Academy

Defining Uptime and Downtime

In the field of NLP we refer to these two categories of states as Uptime vs. Downtime.

An Example of Unresourceful Downtime States

Do you find yourself having strong negative emotional responses even though the environment around you is calm? If there is no threat in the physical environment but yet you are caught up in your emotions that is being caused by what you are doing in your mind in a ‘downtime state.’

How to Shift from Downtime to Uptime

There is a quote from the famous gestalt therapist and one of the original NLP models Fritz Perls which is to “lose your mind and come to your senses” is a call to go to an uptime state and to come to the present.

  • What do you see in the room around you?
  • What is the brightest color in the room?
  • What is the faintest sound you can hear right now in this moment?
  • What is the temperature on your skin at the present moment?
  • What is the warmest part of your body right now?
  • How does the air smell right now?
  • What is the taste in your mouth at this immediate moment?

The Neuro-Semantics of Uptime & Downtime

In terms of the field of Neuro-Semantics we would refer to uptime states as ‘primary state’ experiences where we are responding to the world and we would refer to downtime states as a ‘meta-state’ experiences where we are responding to our responses, our own thoughts and feelings in our inner world as opposed to the external environment.

Using Uptime States Resourcefully

The skill of effective listening depends on bringing in an uptime state. For example if you are having a conversation with somebody you are going to want to, for the most part, remain in an uptime state, paying attention to the other person.

Using Downtime States Resourcefully

We can also use our downtime states resourcefully. Just like you can be in the safety of your home but be in a turbulent state internally, you can also be in a calm environment and access powerful resourceful states disproportionate to your current environment.

Closing Questions

We can use our skills of going uptime and downtime as tools to perform better, get better results, to feel more fulfilled in our lives or we can use them to our own detriment. Which way are you using these powers?



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Jason Schneider

Jason Schneider

Master Trainer of NLP, Neuro-Semantics, president of the US Institute of Neuro-Semantics & my passion is to unleash self-actualization in people & organizations